Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Penelahpe's Junior Chef Celebrates National Egg Day

June 3, 2015 +Foodista tweet told me it was National Egg Day.  I rolled over and ask my daughter Din, aka Junior Chef, aka project manager if she would like to make egg salad.  She said yes and we prepared.

Brief history Din enjoys eggs boiled, fried, scrambled and over medium.  We mastered egg salad last summer and now she can make it all by her self.  Din's fav flavs are smoked paprika, Berbere Ethiopian Spice and spicy mustard.  For this particular salad she choose smoked paprika with a pinch of chipotle chili powder.

Recipe is real lose and completely to taste
6 eggs- boil/ peel/ chop
Olive oil mayo ( Din's preference because it does not taste like mayo)
Spicy mustard
4 mini bell pepper diced small
1/2 small red onion small dice
smoked paprika( not to be confused with Hungarian paprika)
sea salt
black pepper
garlic powder

okay putting it together

place chopped eggs and mini bell peppers , onions in a medium mixing bowl
add enough mayo to your liking- that's how she does it
mix until all yolk is well blended.
(FIRST TIME USERS) 1/2 tablespoon of Smoked paprika-and add until you like the amount of smokey flavor
 pepper, garlic powder, salt ( tt)
Add spicy mustard- start with 1 tablespoon
you want to taste it and  not be over powering.
Add more if needed
Adjust seasonings

Let the Sandwich making commence!!!!!!

Any bread will do. We choose Italian white, garlic butter and toasted on one side.
Dress it with lettuce, tomatoes, chipotle Gouda.

We have a proper egg salad sandwich for National Egg Day.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Penelahpe's at Gate City Brewery's Anniversary Celebration

It was a breezy winter night under a fabulous full moon and a party was afoot in the City of Roswell. Gate City Brewery was celebrating their 2nd year Anniversary with excellent beer, local musicians and excellent food. I invited my fellow food loyalist, Shana Lee , to joined me for the of celebrations of the libations. 
Copperhead American Amber

This was the first taste of the night.  Crisp with a slight bitter finish,

Fried Tilapia  po-boy by PoBoyz Food Service
We got hungry after the drive from Atlanta had one cold one then we followed our noses to PoBoyz Food Service & Catering.  This food truck served hot fried fish po'boys with waffle fries. It went perfectly with the 20 Grand Cream Ale.

The customer service was point.  They tackled two large pops of eager craft beer enthusiasts without a hitch. 

Being a girl from Anheuser Busch land, 
St. Louis, I had to try the Crystal American Pale Ale.  Thank you I'll have another!!!

This Beer was my favorite of the night hands down, Faux Pilsner.  It delivered a light, fruity, crisp swallow from beginning to end.

Dear Beer God,
Please put this fab beer on the shelves soon.

Signed your devoted beer lover.

Make the drive the beer it is worth it hands down and the food truck game is noteworthy as well. Eat and drink well.

Penelahpe's Dinner Party Series: Rules of Engagment

Penelahpe's Dinner Party Series was born after 
1. Attending a dynamic economic empowerment luncheon during the Hope Global Forum 
2. A few Afternoon margaritas and slices of pizza. 3. Attending a million Atlanta Events 

The co-creator  Shana Lee and I were talking about what we want in an event and how would we present it.  
 This is what we came up with: Drinks, Food, Swag, and a Dinner Experience.

Photobooth by Shana Lee

A great staff that came together organically from guests who support and believe in the Penelahpe's Dinner Party experience. 
With each dinner we  research and taste (lots of tasting)   our cocktail ideals to come up with the perfect drink for our Cocktail Hour.  Being in time counts!!

Ridiculous foods served family style and paired with craft beer. Shout out to Down Home Brewery . We have a Beer Sommelier, respectfully, that gives the ins and outs on how to  enjoy the paired craft beer with the meal properly.
Butternut Squash beer made with a Weizenbock paired with Down Home Brewery's Ol' Heffe Wheat
We work with other small businesses.   Westview Studios provided the venue for our Anniversary Dinner  

We have hosted 4 plus dinner parties since we started. We have hosted our second Spring dinner and we practically all of our guests new.     Holla at us August 19, 2017. 

We end the night with something sweet and a toast.  Yeah that's chocolate!!!!!!

Photo credits: Shana Lee

Decor: Shana Lee
Food: Chef Leslie Hudson Gordon